Singe Animation

SINGE, the Somewhat Interactive Nostalgic Game Engine, (named after the dragon in Dragon's Lair) is a Lua-based scripting system that allows for rapid prototyping of new laserdisc games, or the creation of entirely new games! The language is easy to learn, very powerful, and fast. All the features needed to develop your own game are made available through a simple application programming interface (API).

SINGE provides numerous features to the game developer. Some of the more interesting ones are:

  • Object-Oriented Programming Language
  • Sprites
  • TrueType Font Support
  • 32-bit Color Space with Transparency
  • Multi-channel, Overlapping, Stereo Sound
  • Analog and Digital Input Device Support
  • Multiple codec support for video and audio

Since the original release of SINGE back in 2006, several revisions have been released, both officially and unofficially. In 2020, SINGE 2.0 was released. This is a total rewrite from the ground up adding numerous features while staying compatible with existing 1.x games.

Installation Instructions -- With Pictures!



Gun Games:

Adventure Games:

Action Games:

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SINGE is open source software. Complete source code is available from our Skunkworks site.

Need support? Visit the official chat!

Documentation is available on the Skunkworks.

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