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What is that you ask? The APCi MultiPlayer Game Server was the world’s first dial-up system that allowed multiplayer (more than 2) games of id Software’s Doom and related games over a standard 28.8k modem. To this day, it’s still provides the fastest and smoothest gameplay available outside a real LAN!

Unfortunately, the MPGS was a companion product designed to work in conjunction with a standard bulletin board system (BBS). With the rise of the World Wide Web, the popularity of “BBSing” has fallen dramatically. Rather than adopt the MPGS to Internet play, which would have provided a sub-standard game play experience, we decided to discontinue the project.

In all the years since the MPGS, I’ve yet to see another gaming system that provides the same level of performance, so I’ve decided to re-release the APCiMPGS and make it available to anyone who would like a copy for free!

Why? Simple. Doom is fun! Sure, there are more advanced games available today, but none of them have approached the simple playability and sheer thrill of a Doom deathmatch. It’s been a long time. It’s time to come “home” again.

All that I ask is that you leave APCi alone. They have generously allowed me to re-release the latest version of the MPGS (version 1.3 – never before seen outside of APCi’s development labs!) on the sole condition that I handle all the technical support this release may cause. As the developer of the MPGS, I think I can handle that. Please don’t go calling or Emailing any of the numbers or addresses listed in the manual. I’ve reproduced the manual page-for-page from the original. If you can’t behave and rely on me for support, I’ll have to doctor up the original scans so the information is no longer available. We don’t want that, do we?

— Scott Duensing, ex-APCi Guy

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