JTWOF ScreenshotJT WOF is my first program for the Palm family of personal organizers. It is a fairly accurate version of the TV game show Wheel of Fortune.

JT WOF is freeware! I am donating it, the puzzles, the puzzle editor, and the source code (for the game itself and command-line tools) to the Pilot (er, “Palm”?- old habits die hard!) community as my way of saying “thanks” for all the free development tools and code examples I have been given that made this program possible in the first place.

Since I am providing the puzzle editor as well as the game, it is my hope that others will take a little time and create new puzzles for JT WOF. Until someone does, I can’t play it – I already know all the puzzles! Email me any new puzzles you create, and I’ll archive them here. Please send them in “PDB” format, thanks!

JTWOF Editor Screenshot

Please use this program and code however you see fit. Put it in books, stick it on CDs, whatever makes you happy (just the stuff from Jaeger Technologies / Kangaroo Punch, please). The only thing I ask is that you don’t change the name (or my name) and repackage it as your own program. If you do redistribute it in print or on CD, I’d appreciate a copy for my collection. The code wasn’t originally intended for release, so it’s disorganized and probably not as clean as it could be. If you need assistance with it, drop me a line. I’ll be happy to help.


When installing JT WOF, be sure to install the program file, the graphics database, and a puzzle database! All three files need to be HotSynced to your Palm or it won’t work.

Call for Help!

If you create a new set of puzzles or graphics, please send them to me, and I will make them part of this site for others to share. Thanks!


  • Version 1.20
    • Multiple game rounds.
    • Wheel values change depending on round.
    • Game now has an “end” after four rounds of play.
    • Starting player changes depending on round.
    • Rule change: No longer able to spin when there are no more consonants left in the puzzle.
    • Rule change: No longer able to buy a vowel when there are no more vowels left in the puzzle.
    • Rule change: You must solve when all letters are uncovered.
    • Letter board added to show available letters.
  • Version 1.10
    • Added support for external graphics databases.
    • Cleaned up the source package a bit.
    • Added GRAPHICS and PILOTDB to source package.
  • Version 1.00
    • Initial Release.

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