Adventures in Videoland: Rollercoaster

Adventures in Videoland: Rollercoaster

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Written in 1981 and published in Creative Computing Magazine in January of 1982, Adventures in Videoland by David Lubar is the earliest known laserdisc based video game. Powered by an Apple II computer with an Aurora Systems Omniscan interface card connected to a Pioneer VP-1000 laserdisc player containing the 1977 movie Rollercoaster, the number of users able to experience it in all it's original glory was... not large.

(I did napkin math. If you already happened to have two TVs in your house at the time, the rest of the gear needed to play Rollercoaster in 1982 would cost you $3549. That's an Apple II, RF modulator, floppy drive, laserdisc player, interface card, and the movie. A mere $10,896.20 in 2022 dollars!)

While it has been updated for newer laserdisc players and even DVD players, it's still difficult to play on a modern machine.

Enter Singe!

You can now play Adventures in Videoland, aka Rollercoaster on your home computer! While a complete rewrite was required to make it work with Singe, every effort has been made to retain the original experience. Some concessions were made, like not requiring you to use two monitors, but in the end, we think that's for the best. :-)

If you're interested in more information about this game, we can't possibly do better than the presentation made by Kevin Savetz at the 2018 KansasFest:

Rollercoaster Video Presentation

Download available on the Singe page!

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