Yep. I Broke It.

Published: 31-Dec-2021

Whoops. In moving to the new content manager, I broke all the downloads on the site. In my defense, they worked perfectly fine - for me. Now they should work again for everyone else! Sorry about that.


New Web Site - Yet Again!

Published: 18-Dec-2021

While SynchroNet is an excellent BBS platform, nobody used it. So we went on a search for a platform to use to replace it for hosting our web site. The winner? Kirby! Why? Kirby just works. It makes sense. The support is fantastic. And we've got more plans to use it in the future. Stay tuned!


Singe 2.00 Released!

Published: 25-Oct-2020

After 11 months of work, I'm proud to announce that Singe 2.00 is now available! With 25 games available at launch, this is the largest Singe release to date!


New "Retro" Web Site!

Published: 19-Jul-2020

Welcome to our new BBS-powered web site! That's right, we've gone totally retro! Messages, news, files, games, users, etc., are all integrated between our web site and our SynchroNet based BBS. In the near future, the BBS itself will be available for all to use, full of retro-goodness!