SINGE, the Somewhat Interactive Nostalgic Game Engine, (named after the dragon in Dragon's Lair) is a Lua-based scripting system that allows for rapid prototyping of new laserdisc games, or the creation of entirely new games! The langauge is easy to learn, very powerful, and fast. All the features needed to develop your own game are made available through a simple application programming interface (API).

SINGE provides numerous features to the game developer. Some of the more interesting ones are:

ActionMax Emulator

Rather than a few simple demos to show the capabilities of SINGE, we created an emulator for the Worlds of Wonder ActionMax console. From

Action Max from Worlds of Wonder (WoW), released in the US in 1987, was a unique, if simple and ultimately unimpressive game system that used special pre-recorded VHS video tapes for software. The original package came bundled with the base unit, light gun, television sensor, headphones, connection cables, documentation and one game, "Sonic Fury". Batteries or a power supply were not included. After connecting the components to the base unit and the base unit to any standard VCR, the player inserted the videotape game into the VCR and pressed 'play'. After minimal video instruction, the target sensor was placed on the appropriate spot on the television's screen via the included suction cup. A short target practice scenario was displayed, then the game began, with the target sensor glowing red every time a hit was registered, keeping count on the base unit.

While the emulator isn't technically a true emulator, it does allow you to play the five existing ActionMax titles:

One other title has been rumored to exist, but as of yet, we've not been able to find it (if you have it, please let us know!):

Since the original release of SINGE back in 2006, several revisions have been released, both officially and unofficially. In 2020, SINGE 2.0 was released. This is a total rewrite from the ground up adding numerous features while staying compatible with existing 1.x games.


External Downloads:

Gun Games:

Action Games:

SINGE is open source software. Complete source code is available from our Skunkworks site.

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